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Rebel Without A Mask is Scott’s latest project and currently in pre-production.  An 80’s style comedy, it's the story of a child from that era named Hero who awakens from a coma in 2020 only to find himself in a world that is completely unrecognzable to him.  With the script locked, Scott is currently putting his crew together, scouting locations and casting the film.  Check back here for announcements throughout the year… Scott can’t wait to share the journey of bringing this film to life with you.



In this triumph of independent cinema, a homeless wanderer named Solar Flare proclaims to be from the Sun and exiled to live on Earth without his superpowers for 189 days. From the personal discovery of why he was sent here (to save this planet from a apocalyptic solar flare) to the array of bizarre characters who misguide him, we follow the lost ‘superhero’ on what quickly becomes a downward spiral journey into the underbelly of Hollywood... a place he comes to realize is not worth saving.


“A renegade piece of cinematic triumph,my favorite movie of 2018.”
– Evan Rosen, Brooklyn Film Review

“A film with strong cinematography, an immersive soundtrack, and a taste for the subversive.”
– Chelsea Novak, Vue Weekly

“Hits hard without Hollywood superpowers.”
– Pat Emil, Critics Den


Over the course of two years, Scott toured the festival circuit screening "OUSH" at some of the most famous art house movie theaters in North America.  The film was a huge hit with independent film critics and won a variety of awards including:

Best Sci-Fi Film 2018 (Silver State Film Festival)

Best Sci-Fi Feature Film (Marina Del Ray Film Festival)

Best Cinematography (Golden State Film Festival)

On his journey, Scott met many Directors, Producers and Screenwriters.  He also had the opportunity to speak at several film schools and continues to mentor many of the students he met along the way.  This tour solidified Scott's reputation as a maverick filmmaker who defies the Hollywood studio system, and opened many doors for his future projects.

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